Order Form    

Order Form

  • One to three buses are available for academic breaks. Werner Coach offers the following bus sizes: 47 and 54 seats. We will run the 2020 Thanksgiving transportation with up to 24 passengers in the bus. More buses will be provided according to orders.
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  • Orders/Payments status as of 11/23/2020 3:43 AM


Payments to Phila

Payments to CU

Available seats to Phila

Available seats to Cornell

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Winter 0 0 0 0
February 0 0 0 0
Spring 0 0 0 0
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  • The cost of trip is: $94.50 (one-way). Please use the PayPal option on this page upper left corner or a PayPal link on the Home page of this website and then follow the instructions on the PayPal page to make the payment. There is no seat reservation without the payment.
  • Note: Make sure that the Credit Card owner is aware of the bus trip charge amount and its PAYPAL *FITNESSTRAC name on the statement if you are using your parent's card for this payment. From time to time there is a parent filing a chargeback against the bus payment. It takes a lot of time on both sides to reverse it.
  • It is sufficient to send an Order Form to put you on the wait list. We will notify you once a seat from a cancellation is available to you. Please don't pay for the ride if there are no available seats. This is to not loose the PayPal withdrawn processing fee that they are no longer refunding. Besides all refunds are issued ASAP. If you donít get your refund within two days after the last day of the current round trip date then please contact us.
  • PayPal will no longer refund a fee charged when the original transaction was made. Their refund policy going into effect on October 11, 2019 reads: "In line with industry practice and according to our updated policy, we will not charge a fee to process refunds, but the fees from the original transaction will not be returned." As a result of this change we will refund your original payment minus fees charged by PayPal i.e. minus $.30 and minus 2.9% of the original sum paid.
  • What to expect from the Waiting List is described on the Message Board page accessible from the Bus Schedules tab.
  • In order to shorten the trip time we will not wait for any late students unless they notify us by phone. Please use numbers listed in the Contacts section.
  • There are no hard copy tickets issued. The trip list is verified on the bus and the same list is on the web at all times as the OrderStatus.pdf file that is also accessible from a smart phone. Please read below to learn how to access it. This list is for verifying the seat on the bus by all passengers before the trip. Please check your seat status before boarding the bus.
  • Please be advised that refunds will only be granted up to one month before the trip is scheduled. After that, there will be no refunds for cancelled seats after the payment was made to Werner Coach for the bus unless there are buyers on the Waiting List.
  • PayPal allows for refunds after subtracting their processing fees within 180 days from the payment date. Any refunds after that time will be paid immediately to your PayPal account after providing the associated email address.  Please setup the PayPal account and forward the email to  All other refunds will be paid with checks by April 30, 20YY. Please contact us asap for any missing refunds.

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  • Please use your mouse to Select only the form below (not this entire web page). Copy and Paste the selected text of the Order Form into your email. While editing your email please set your keyboard to Insert mode.
  • Notes:
    • Enter a text into the Subject area as without it the Mail server may drop your email as a spam.
    • Paste only the text  of the Order Form into your email body and subsequently enter your info in the predefined fields of the Order Form.
    • Please don't send an Order Form embedded in the email as png, jpg or any graphic and don't put it into an MS Word or PDF file as an attachment. We need a pure text only.
  • Send the email containing your info to this address:

  • In response to your email you will receive an email (generated immediately by the Autoresponder) that provides directions on how to read the OrderStatus.pdf file (updated daily) with your name on the list. Please notify us ASAP if your name was not placed on the list within 24 hrs from sending your order and making payment.The OrderStatus.pdf file shows status of your seat on the bus. Please check it a day after the payment and again right before the trip. If there is any error in the table, please notify us ASAP.
  • Pickup from Phila to Cornell will be in this order: KOP, Amtrak Train Station,  Neshaminy Mall, Plymouth Meeting Luke Oil Gas Station. Drop off from Cornell to Phila: Plymouth Meeting, Neshaminy, Amtrak, KOP. This order will change when two buses are ordered for Thanksgiving and/or Spring trips. Please check the Bus Schedules page for details when it applies.
  • There is no seat assignment. There are less than 52 students boarding/departing the bus in KOP, Amtrak Train Station and Neshaminy Mall combined. While boarding the bus at CU for Thanksgiving / Spring trips when two buses can be used please check the windshield sign to know which bus will continue to NM, Amtrak Train Station and which to KOP and board that bus or switch to it later in Plymouth Meeting as needed. It will wait until all students board the right bus.
  • Notes:

    1. You can change your bus stop location as needed without notifying us except if you want to use the Allentown stop from Phila to Cornell and you didn't select it in your Order Form.
    2. See Bus Stops page for driving directions.
    3. Order Form allows us to assign the payment to the selected trip. There is no seat reservation without the payment.
    4. For students planning to arrive to University City in Philadelphia. The cost of taxi fare between the Amtrak Train Station and University City at Walnut Street and 34th Street is around $10 to $15 according to Taxi Fare Finder. Please check their site here to estimate the current cost of any taxi ride in Philadelphia. Hint for taxis at 30th Street Station: If the line for a cab is long, and there are no cabs in the queue, walk over to Market Street and hail a cab. Market Street will be to your right as you come out of the station to stand in the cab line.
    5. The order of the stops and departure/arrival times have been adjusted in the Phila area to accommodate for adding a permanent stop at the Amtrak Train Station in Philadelphia, thus allowing students to arrive to Cornell on time for dinner. Please verify the Bus Schedules for details.
    6. The Spring bus to Philly on 3/27/2020 is as always in the past scheduled earlier at 2:30 PM not at 5:40 PM.


Order Form For Cornell Ė Philadelphia Bus

Student Name _______________________________________________________________

Family Email ________________________________________________________________

Family Phone _____________________

Cornell (Ithaca) Email;   or

[please provide your university's (Cornell or Ithaca College) email; no other like gmail, yahoo, etc. email]

Cell / Cornell Phone _____________________

Order for:

Fall Busround-NA                          one-way to Philadelphia N/A            one-way to Cornell N/A

Thanksgiving Busround-N/A        one-way to Philadelphia____            one-way to Cornell N/A

Winter Bus: round N/A                     one-way to Philadelphia N/A            one-way to Cornell  N/A

February Bus: round N/A                 one-way to Philadelphia  N/A            one-way to Cornell TBD

Spring Bus: round N/A                     one-way to Philadelphia N/A           one-way to Cornell N/A

Wait List Order: Yes ________       No: _______

Note: Please don't make the payment when no seats are available. This is to avoid losing processing fees that PayPal no longer refunds. We will contact you to make a payment when a seat is available for you following a cancellation from another passenger.

Permanent Bus Stop locations:

Allentown Service Plaza_______

Plymouth Meeting Mall_________

Neshaminy Mall______________

Amtrak Train Station in Philadelphia _______

King of Prussia - Penn DOT Park & Ride Parking Lot - Not Available



How did you learn about this bus service?

Send-off party for new Cornellians ____

Cornell's Community Events letter____

Internet Search____

Personal recommendation ____