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  • The cost of trip is: $115.00 (round); $65.00 (one-way). No additional fees charges.
  • Please send your Order Form before making the payment.
  • Do not click BUY NOW unless you have entered your Cornell (Ithaca) email below on this page!
  • Please don't make any payment outside of this page.
  • Any payments sent without using the Buy Now button provided on this page or without entering your Cornell/Ithaca email will be refunded as they are not recorded by the computer program.
  • After selecting trip option and entering the requested email please click on the "Buy Now" button shown below:
Cornell (Ithaca College) email

You will be transferred to the PayPal secure web site to make your payment using the funds source of your choice. Having a PayPal account isn't required.

  • Please enter the correct amount of money using "custom payment" Option as needed and complete the payment.
  • If you provide a valid email address while making your payment then PayPal will send you a confirmation email with this Subject:
    Receipt for your Payment to Creative Business Technologies Corporation

You sent a payment of $XX.XX USD to Creative Business Technologies Corporation.
This charge will appear on your credit card statement as payment to PAYPAL *FITNESSTRAC.

We will get the same confirmation from PayPal.

Note: Make sure that the Credit Card owner is aware of the charge amount and its PAYPAL *FITNESSTRAC name on the statement if you are using your parent's card for this payment. From time to time there is a parent filing a chargeback against the bus payment. It takes a lot of time on both sides to reverse it.

  • If you don't get the confirmation email from PayPal then please inform us that you made a payment by sending an email to this address: