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  • The cost of trip is: $94.50 (one-way)
  • Please send your Order Form before making the payment.
  • Do not click BUY NOW unless you have entered your Cornell (Ithaca) email below on this page!
  • Do not click BUY NOW unless you see on the Order Form page that seats are available in the respective column of the table showing payment status. This is a result of PayPal not refunding processing fees. Please send just an Order Form and we will contact you once we have a seat available for you.
  • Please don't make any payment outside of this page.
  • Any payments sent without using the Buy Now button provided on this page or without entering your Cornell/Ithaca email will be refunded as they are not recorded by the computer program.
  • After selecting trip option and entering the requested email please click on the "Buy Now" button shown below:
Options: one way trip only for the Novemeber 25,2020 trip
Cornell (Ithaca College) email

You will be transferred to the PayPal secure web site to make your payment using the funds source of your choice. Having a PayPal account isn't required.

  • Please enter the correct amount of money using "custom payment" Option as needed and complete the payment.
  • If you provide a valid email address while making your payment then PayPal will send you a confirmation email with this Subject:
    Receipt for your Payment to Creative Business Technologies Corporation

You sent a payment of $XX.XX USD to Creative Business Technologies Corporation.
This charge will appear on your credit card statement as payment to PAYPAL *FITNESSTRAC.

We will get the same confirmation from PayPal.

Note: Make sure that the Credit Card owner is aware of the charge amount and its PAYPAL *FITNESSTRAC name on the statement if you are using your parent's card for this payment. From time to time there is a parent filing a chargeback against the bus payment. It takes a lot of time on both sides to reverse it.

  • If you don't get the confirmation email from PayPal then please inform us that you made a payment by sending an email to this address: